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Saturday, July 16th, 2005
7:26 pm
I just recently joined this community, and I wanted to wish everyone well. :-) I have not joined communities nor have I ever had an online journal like this... I am a web designer and tend to create my own sites and journalize that way. However, LJ offered something unique - a community and way of networking and meeting people. That is what I hope to do :-) My husband and I have discovered over the years that we have differing spiritual beliefs (religious beliefs if you wish to call them that) than most of our friends. I am not necessarily on a search or a quest to find others like me, but I would like to explore and see what is out there.

Thank you for firstly letting me join and secondly actually reading my babble here. ;-) I am happy to be a member of this community!
Friday, April 1st, 2005
4:22 am
A "Kept" Woman...
Looking to find out people opinions and knowledge about the following question(s)... Any input would be of interest to me...
Been into the whole, expanding of knowledge thing lately, and it's spreading into some interesting topics....

What do people think about being a "kept" woman...

Is this something you would ever consider or something you have ever considered and why, and if you have done it, what experiences you got from it...

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
2:59 pm
user name change
I just wanted you to know I changed my user name from herbwench to whiteravenwoman. So, when you see posts under this name it is still me!

Kristin/White Raven
Friday, March 18th, 2005
4:31 pm
Maybe this is why?
For the first time today I read a comment on my personality type (INTJ) that may explain why I have such difficulty in proceeding with the work I want to do here. It was in a blog (not lj) by someone called The Everlasting Phelps:

"The functional analysis of an INTJ shows that the dominant function is Introverted Intuition, and the secondary function is Extroverted Thinking. What does that mean? I know things. That is introverted intuition. My brain makes connections without me trying, and everything fits into the web of the world. The problem with that is that it is internal. Yeah, I know, but so what? It is all nebulous, and I am the only one who can understand it. Given the Ni alone, I'm never going to be able to really understand it myself in anything more than a mystical sense, much less explain it to someone else. I have to put it into words, and that is where the extroverted thinking comes in. It is thinking out loud, so to speak. When I do that, then the Ni and the Te work together, and that is where the "Mastermind" strength that Myers and Briggs and Kiersey saw come from. Each reinforces the other, and act as checks and balances. But to do that, I must commit it. I have to write it, say it, hell, pantomime it -- because it I never do any of those, and I just sit thinking, it rarely gets past the Ni. "

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
10:44 am
New Community
x-posted, but I'm not sorry about it

You may be interested in the new community talkideas

From the userinfo:

There are two types of people: those who talk about people (including themselves) and things, and those who talk about ideas. This place is for the latter sort. It’s an open discussion forum for amateur philosophers and autodidacts who do not wish to restrict themselves to the argument structure of formal logic.

There’s an extensive list of interests attached to the community. Hope to see you there.
Sunday, February 20th, 2005
12:02 pm
I am a Druid....
You scored as Druid. The fury of the storm, the gentle strength of the morning sun, the cunning of the fox, the power of the bear-all these and more are at the druid's command. The druid however, claims no mastery over nature. That claim, she says, is the empty boast of the city dweller. The druid gains her power not by ruling nature but by being at one with it. To trespassers in a druid's sacred grove, to those who feel the druid's the distinction is overly fine.
























What DnD Class Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
Saturday, February 19th, 2005
8:04 pm
the Muse speaks..

Spent several hours in my studio today. As always I lit the special candle I keep on my work table. The candle holder is 3 women dancing in a circle with their arms held above them. When I light the candle inside I always invoke my Muses and thank them for the creativity in my life. 

I worked on painting fabric for a fiber arts course I am taking through the Thread Studio. I'm only on the first module (there are 5), but so far I've learned a lot and have found it very engaging.

Typically I paint on plain muslin, but today decided to paint on commercially printed fabrics. The results were truly wonderful! I took some white and off white fabrics with printed patterns on them (some subtle patterns, some more bold) and added washes of acrylic color over them. Any areas that were white became the color wash I was using. Any patterned areas became tinted with the color.  Each one came out so different from any of the others it is amazing.

I love it when my studio work (which tends to be 4-6 hours a day) is so productive and satisfying. The Muses spoke and I heard them well. I am grateful......

Saturday, February 5th, 2005
9:27 am
First off, I would like to say thank you for accepting my application/request.

Secondly, a little bit about myself...
I'm 22 years old and most people have said that for my age I've gone through more than any others in the same age group...
By the age of 18 I was engaged... Always wondered why it was I did that but as a result I've come up with that I felt I could do no better... Since that time I have learned that is not true and that I was settling for something that made me uphappy. A vow to myself after that day was that I would never do this again as I was unhappy and well, in the same token, so was he.
The last year has been a real learning experience for me, living on my own in a city other than that of which my parents live. From living on my own I've come to the following conclusions:
1) It's harder than anyone thinks
2) In reality, no one is really ready or prepared to move out on their own
3) It is the first step in "finding yourself".
4) Over time you figure out what you are looking for being without your parents and work towards it
5) I love it! As I'm sure every other person feels after they begin to settle and sort things out.

I have also learned that an engagement is not something to be taken lightly and that even if you are asked, it does not mean you have to say yes. Personally you need to know them for awhile before saying yes, preferably as a friend as well as a lover... and when asked, I think it may be better not to give an answer right away... Even if it is a 5 minute thought process, giving yourself some time to think about and register what was just asked is most important because saying yes means that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person....

In the position I am in now, I do live with another man whom I am interested in dating, however we are not doing this because we have only known each other a couple weeks and met only because he moved into the house. We have decided the best thing for us is to wait and work on the friendship first, later doing the dating thing and seeing where that takes us. A promise was made though, and that promise was that we would be together and that till we are together, neither him nor I will see another in our bed with us... I think this was very special of him to say as it shows alot about his character...

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Thursday, January 27th, 2005
8:33 pm

Blessed Greetings All-

I just joined this community today and wanted to post a bit of an introduction.

I'm White Raven Woman, which is my given Blackfeet name.  My heritage is Welsh Celtic and Blackfeet. I'm an artist, herbalist, aromatherapist and trained Wise Woman in both the Blackfeet and Welsh traditions.

I serve as a Path Guide for the Crossroads Lyceum, which is a part of the Fellowship of Isis.

I'm married with a 3 1/2 year old vivacious (read: energy draining!) son and enjoy many different things. Especially the sharing of knowledge with other Wise Women and aspiring Wise Women!

I look forward to getting to know you all.

Monday, January 3rd, 2005
8:30 pm
In an unprecedented move, and in an attempt to make an end-run around whatever it is that's trying to prevent me from getting this down, I created a map, of sorts, of my progress so far. It will serve as an outline and remind me of what I want to write about next, in some sort of order albeit not exactly chronological--too many things overlapped in my consciousness.

Of course, historically once I've completed an outline of something I then consider it finished and never do write the whole thing out..just another example of one of the ways I'm blocked from conveying this information.

I really need to do this. I can feel some sort of pressure building...

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11:15 am
A small epiphany
You are not your body. Your body is a tool that you have been given for your use. Don't let it take control of your actions.

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
9:29 pm
Happy 2005, One and All
Sharing my New Year's resolution... Cut for somewhat bizarre rambling.Collapse )

…I think that’s all I can do for tonight, but I must come back to this; it is crucial and urgent, although I’m sure that’s not obvious yet…LOL!

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
10:52 am
Links to Aid Organizations

You can make a difference.
Just by spreading the call for help.

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Sunday, November 28th, 2004
1:41 pm
Happy Holiday Weekend!
HI ya'll

It's been windy, cold and wet over here! And the south wind blew in a mess of stuff that made my sinus' go insane...but I'm better today, thank the gods.

I'm having my coffee...yeah, I slept in, I'd not slept hardly at all for 2 nights, trying to breath...sheeese, so I was able to sleep last night and feel a lot better.
We'er going to attack the storage shed in a bit and drag out all the Christmas stuff, plus some things I've been wanting but not enough to tackle the storage shed. LOL

I'm straking up an interesting relationship with my land lord. She's talking to me about spiritual and metaphysical ideas and concepts, which I just love to discuss of course. LOL
I showed her my 'library' and showed her my Joseph Campbell tapes, etc, and she was excited. I sent her now with one rather easy to read Joseph Campbell book..."An Open Life", she said this morning she's on page 43...it's only got 125 pages. :-)
She says it's a little hard to read in places but she's fascinated by what he has to say.

The thing I notice now days....maybe I'd not noticed it so much in the past because I was younger...but when I get into conversations and discussions on these topics, I can feel the energy flow...I start feeling like I'm 30 again, almost...at least in my energy level. LOL
I've kind of felt for years I was meant to 'teach', but never knew how to persue it. I guess with my circumstances, one on one is how it's working out. :-/
I've thought of a book, "One simple person's spiritual adventures?" or something like that? :-)
I think I'd need a ghost writer, I get hung up to much on exactly how to say things and where to go next, at least when I try to write fiction, maybe something like this would be different?
I think the thing that gets me so energized and excited is how things I take for granted, that I've learned over the years, so few people have even heard of...know what I mean?
None the less, anything that helps me get energized is a wonderful thing!! :-)

I've also been working on my genealogy again. I'd started it a few years back, hit some real bad road blocks and kind of gave up. But now there's SO much on the web, it's easy almost ...I've already found the complete history of my grandmother/mother's side, all the way back to the 1600's.
We trace back to the Duke of Arquil in Scotland...guess we were into socks. (ok, bad joke) LOL

I'm also considering getting into doing some scrapbooking. I have several photo albumns that need re-doing, they are getting old and tattered and I don't want to get the pictures messed up. And they have all sorts of information on line on how to preserve scapbooks. And it looks fun!
A way to pass down little stories that go with the pictures and so forth. A way to have dates and ages and so forth for the generation down the line.

Anyway, right now, I need to get my shower and hair washed and tackle the store shed's contents....yikes..LOL
hugs to you all
Happy Holidays

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
3:24 pm
I Care
I have an aim in life. I want to change the world. I know that sounds trite, and cliche, and you've heard it before. But I really do. I want to make this Earth a less lonely place to live.

I want people to care for each other. Really, truly care for each other. See their goodness, their humanity, their innocence, and feel each others pain. Because nobody should be alone, and nobody should suffer in isolation. We will always have sorrows, just as we have joys, we will always hurt, just as we feel pleasure. It is the human condition. But we were not made to be alone. We are beautiful, amazing, complex, social creatures with an immense capacity for love. Imagine how our wings would grow if we could nurture that in each other.

There are 6 billion souls gliding about this Earth. There's no excuse why anybody should be alone, ever. It is such a priveledge to extend the hand of friendship to someone who is in need.

Why should anybody go hungry? United, we have everything we need to feed the world- physically and spiritually. Why should anybody be denied healing? We are all equally as precious... regardless of where we live and how much money we have... why should millions of African children loose their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters to AIDS, when pharmaceutical companies possess life prolonging medications? Why should any child grow up devoid of love, when there are so many who would provide it to them? Most importantly, I'm talking about the situations we see, every day, and turn our back on. Innocents in need of help, where it wouldnt cost us anything but concern, not money, not effort- just concern.

This is what I'm talking about. See this little girl? See how tiny she is, how defenceless? How trusting? How beautiful and soft she is?

How is it that for over a decade, she was violated and terrorised in the home of her own grandparents? Somebody changed this little girl's sheets, washed her underpants. Soaked them to remove the stains. Several people heard her plead and cry. They saw her wince in pain when she tried to play like a normal child. They saw the visitors to the home, the purchase of photography equipment. This girl wet her bed, several times a night, every night. She was taken to many doctors, with repeated infections. She went to school. To dance classes. She played at friends houses. She was liked by many teachers. This child tried to ask for help. When her attempts fell on closed ears, she prayed for deliverance from her living nightmare.

All it would have taken for her suffering to end, was an anonymous phone call to child protective services. One telephone call. 40 cents, and 2 minutes. One act of love, of concern, was all she needed from all of the adults and professionals around her. This phone call would have been enough to protect her from her current torment, and from the lifetime of pain and self hate she was destined for. A phone call would have said "I believe you. I care. You do not deserve this. You deserve to be safe, to be loved and nurtured. None of this was your fault. You are still innocent".

God does not have a telephone. He could not keep her safe. Maybe He even cried along with her. But each and every one of those human beings did.

A phone call would have done so much more than rescue that little girl from her ordeal. A phone call would have made a difference for the rest of her life; and perhaps, she could have experienced what remained of her childhood knowing that she was not dirty, bad, or worthless. It would have given her hope.

Why? Why didnt anybody make that call for her? WHY?

I want a world where everybody makes that call. Where we connect with others, regardless of how remote their lives may seem from ours. It doesnt matter if they are young, old, big, little, technicoloured, male, female, both, or neither. It doesnt matter who they are, what country they live in, whether their skin is a different colour from ours, or whether they worship a different God. Outwardly, we are different. But peel back just one layer of skin, and we all look the same. We have the same feelings, the same fears and doubts. The same human frailties. And we need each other. Boy do we need each other.

The world does not have to be the way it is. This is not as good as it gets. We can do better. We can love each other. We can care. We can build a world where the empowered help the powerless, the found guide the lost, and the loved love the unloved. Just imagine what the world could be like, all that we could achieve, if we all viewed each other as fellow human beings, rather than strangers?

Is this too much to hope for? Am I too idealistic? Just wait and see- I'm going to try. This much I promise you.

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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
4:05 pm
Gosh, that last post was a mess, I'm sorry...I was so excited to see our common beliefs, and wrote too much, and the LJ said to cut it, but it over did it when I tried.

I wanted to tell you...I'm an astrologer and have been for 30 years...I'm also psychic, so I have to disagree on that one...though I don't use that ability in the astrology, UNLESS something just jumps out at me.
There's so much I wanted to comment on, but I must get on with some things here..I'll get back.
What is your sign? I'm Leo

I'd guess maybe scorpio?
YOU are very mature in your concepts, how old?
And JOSEPH, I freaked!! LOL

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3:19 pm
1:57 pm - Quantum questions :-)
HI...you are welcome...I enjoy a good discussion :-)
And thank you, [info]ladyh, for your response. I was beginning to think there was no one else out there!

I'm trying to bend my mind around the basics of quantum physics, without the academic background or the knowledge of mathematics, etc. What I find fascinating are the puzzles, the things that don't add up. For instance, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which says that you can either discover the position of a particle, or the speed at which it is moving, but not both. Once you decide which you're observing, the other is impossible to detect.
yeah, that sounds very contradictory...yet doesn't this have to do with the speed it's self? You can't see something going that fast? Or if you do, then you can't tell it's moving?
Have you ever seen a tornado?...I mean the funnel it's self?
IF you see it sitting still...it's most likely heading right for you. I'd think this the same sort of thing...on a much bigger scale of course. Make sense?

Have you read "Time Line"? The movie sucked, but the book is fantastic...there's paragraphs I had to read several times to absorb. ;-) BUT it's gets into 'time travel' via time lines or other dimensions, very interesting stuff.
AT one point, they had to depend on another 'time line' doing the same things, so a certain object would be in a certain place at a certain time...and it worked. WOW
That whole concept blew my mind, but they claim it could be possible.
Then there are the elementary particles of light, photons. Sometimes they behave as particles and sometimes as waves. Why? What causes the behaviour to change? They can't be both, or can they? And, by definition, photons are always travelling at the speed of light. Why? What if the elementary particles in our bodies had to travel like that? What would we be then?

Pure light? :-) Yeah, a lot of these questions could keep you up at night.
I'd have to read up on this concept...I don't totally understand the partical/wave ideas.
One of my favourites is quantum entanglement--the idea that two particles, for some reason, become linked so that even when they are separated by the space of a galaxy they will behave the same way at the same time, as if they are the same particle...now that's spooky!

AH HA...same sort of concept at the 'time line' idea...that there's someone else, doing this, with very small differences, in a different dimension...as it were...only this is on a partical level? And we are all particals? (I feel that migrain coming on) ha ha!
And how can anything appear solid, when if you get down to the quantum level, most atoms are vast empty spaces, with tiny, tiny particles whizzing around in them?

Ever read "Illusions" by Richard Bach? :-) A good answer to this one...
it's almost like the Matrix, IF we were capable to SEEING these spaces, without help, then we could walk through walls, universes, time lines...we'd not need ships to travel...anywhere....mind boggling.
But alas we are just eggs and not evolved that far yet...maybe another million or so years?;-)
What I especially like about this article is the idea that there is a force (for want of a better word) called "information" that is directing the activity of quantum particles, instructing them in the patterns of what they make up. This "force" has no form, no substance, so what is it? Could it be unity consciousness (cosmic consciousness, whatever you wish to call it)?

HA! I think Science just proved the existance of God!!!!
That's a hoot!

Isn't cosmic consciousness another word for God? :-)


Scientists, I think, are having a bit of difficulty these days maintaining that everything can be explained by the scientific method. Some of the answers may be in String Theory, but I’m still trying to get a handle on that. I'm not big on a lot of extrasensory phenomenon, simply because most of it isn't replicable so it can't be investigated, but I have to accept that there are things that we cannot logically explain unless we start to look at "the unseen."

My x father n law was a physics professor...he told me once that he didn't even start to consider God till he started reading quantum physics. Trust me, there's many things that are unseen. I believe that belief, the paranormal, metaphysics, dreams, inspiration, imagination, etc...are just as valuable as science. IF you know what I mean? They make up the human experience. Whether they fit into the intire universe remains to be seen, but I'd expect they will. :-)
Excuse me for responding with a new post, rather than a comment. As this is a brand new community with few members, I thought I'd keep as much as possible visible on the site, and on "friends lists."

NO problem!!! hugs LH

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Saturday, October 17th, 2020
10:35 am
A Welcoming Explanation
You may not see very much on this page, as almost all of the posts are "Friends Only."

It's easy to become a member of this community, though--just join in the normal way and your membership will be approved within 24 hours.

Then you'll be able to see everything that gets posted here, and comment on it as well.

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
10:02 am
The Common Interests Meme
This will, hopefully, give visitors an idea of the things that will eventually be covered at this site.

How common are wisewomansway's interests
philosophy (70050)
psychology (63691)
astrology (32382)
atheism (11212)
buddhism (15526)
paganism (18302)
spirituality (19349)
tarot (17588)
wicca (27988)
witchcraft (14856)
agnosticism (4533)
anthropology (9790)
archaeology (5733)
consciousness (1571)
cosmology (1616)
genealogy (1904)
gnosticism (1508)
hinduism (2932)
intellect (2285)
mind (1464)
mysticism (4656)
pagan (7587)
personality (2485)
soul (5023)
spirit (2440)
taoism (5564)
wiccan (2614)
wisdom (4873)
witch (1835)
atman (45)
brahman (56)
brain (403)
character (439)
cosmic consciousness (51)
dao de jing (19)
daoism (345)
deepak chopra (113)
enneagram (410)
essence (203)
fritjof capra (40)
genius (758)
gifted (138)
intelligent (356)
introvert (223)
ken wilber (213)
lao tzu (435)
loner (295)
mbti (279)
pantheism (815)
personality type (21)
philosophy of religion (117)
religious philosophy (61)
source (49)
tao te ching (621)
the source (184)
transpersonal psychology (142)
unity consciousness (6)
wise (68)
wise woman (5)
wisewoman (6)
philosophy of consciousness (1)

Enter username:

InterestRank was bought to you by _imran_ and MemeLand.org

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
7:04 pm
Today I created this community and paid for it for six months, until March of 2005. It is really an experiment in unadvertised communication, and I'm curious to see if anyone at all will find it and join in that period of time.

I've been working for many years on a book that describes my quest to understand wisdom, and the steps that I've taken along that path. I'm going to post sections of the book, along with comments and random observations. I welcome requests for membership, and all comments on the work in progress.

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