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1:57 pm - Quantum questions :-) are welcome...I enjoy a good discussion :-)
And thank you, [info]ladyh, for your response. I was beginning to think there was no one else out there!

I'm trying to bend my mind around the basics of quantum physics, without the academic background or the knowledge of mathematics, etc. What I find fascinating are the puzzles, the things that don't add up. For instance, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which says that you can either discover the position of a particle, or the speed at which it is moving, but not both. Once you decide which you're observing, the other is impossible to detect.
yeah, that sounds very contradictory...yet doesn't this have to do with the speed it's self? You can't see something going that fast? Or if you do, then you can't tell it's moving?
Have you ever seen a tornado?...I mean the funnel it's self?
IF you see it sitting's most likely heading right for you. I'd think this the same sort of thing...on a much bigger scale of course. Make sense?

Have you read "Time Line"? The movie sucked, but the book is fantastic...there's paragraphs I had to read several times to absorb. ;-) BUT it's gets into 'time travel' via time lines or other dimensions, very interesting stuff.
AT one point, they had to depend on another 'time line' doing the same things, so a certain object would be in a certain place at a certain time...and it worked. WOW
That whole concept blew my mind, but they claim it could be possible.
Then there are the elementary particles of light, photons. Sometimes they behave as particles and sometimes as waves. Why? What causes the behaviour to change? They can't be both, or can they? And, by definition, photons are always travelling at the speed of light. Why? What if the elementary particles in our bodies had to travel like that? What would we be then?

Pure light? :-) Yeah, a lot of these questions could keep you up at night.
I'd have to read up on this concept...I don't totally understand the partical/wave ideas.
One of my favourites is quantum entanglement--the idea that two particles, for some reason, become linked so that even when they are separated by the space of a galaxy they will behave the same way at the same time, as if they are the same that's spooky!

AH HA...same sort of concept at the 'time line' idea...that there's someone else, doing this, with very small differences, in a different it were...only this is on a partical level? And we are all particals? (I feel that migrain coming on) ha ha!
And how can anything appear solid, when if you get down to the quantum level, most atoms are vast empty spaces, with tiny, tiny particles whizzing around in them?

Ever read "Illusions" by Richard Bach? :-) A good answer to this one...
it's almost like the Matrix, IF we were capable to SEEING these spaces, without help, then we could walk through walls, universes, time lines...we'd not need ships to travel...anywhere....mind boggling.
But alas we are just eggs and not evolved that far yet...maybe another million or so years?;-)
What I especially like about this article is the idea that there is a force (for want of a better word) called "information" that is directing the activity of quantum particles, instructing them in the patterns of what they make up. This "force" has no form, no substance, so what is it? Could it be unity consciousness (cosmic consciousness, whatever you wish to call it)?

HA! I think Science just proved the existance of God!!!!
That's a hoot!

Isn't cosmic consciousness another word for God? :-)


Scientists, I think, are having a bit of difficulty these days maintaining that everything can be explained by the scientific method. Some of the answers may be in String Theory, but I’m still trying to get a handle on that. I'm not big on a lot of extrasensory phenomenon, simply because most of it isn't replicable so it can't be investigated, but I have to accept that there are things that we cannot logically explain unless we start to look at "the unseen."

My x father n law was a physics professor...he told me once that he didn't even start to consider God till he started reading quantum physics. Trust me, there's many things that are unseen. I believe that belief, the paranormal, metaphysics, dreams, inspiration, imagination, etc...are just as valuable as science. IF you know what I mean? They make up the human experience. Whether they fit into the intire universe remains to be seen, but I'd expect they will. :-)
Excuse me for responding with a new post, rather than a comment. As this is a brand new community with few members, I thought I'd keep as much as possible visible on the site, and on "friends lists."

NO problem!!! hugs LH

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