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Happy Holiday Weekend!

HI ya'll

It's been windy, cold and wet over here! And the south wind blew in a mess of stuff that made my sinus' go insane...but I'm better today, thank the gods.

I'm having my coffee...yeah, I slept in, I'd not slept hardly at all for 2 nights, trying to breath...sheeese, so I was able to sleep last night and feel a lot better.
We'er going to attack the storage shed in a bit and drag out all the Christmas stuff, plus some things I've been wanting but not enough to tackle the storage shed. LOL

I'm straking up an interesting relationship with my land lord. She's talking to me about spiritual and metaphysical ideas and concepts, which I just love to discuss of course. LOL
I showed her my 'library' and showed her my Joseph Campbell tapes, etc, and she was excited. I sent her now with one rather easy to read Joseph Campbell book..."An Open Life", she said this morning she's on page's only got 125 pages. :-)
She says it's a little hard to read in places but she's fascinated by what he has to say.

The thing I notice now days....maybe I'd not noticed it so much in the past because I was younger...but when I get into conversations and discussions on these topics, I can feel the energy flow...I start feeling like I'm 30 again, least in my energy level. LOL
I've kind of felt for years I was meant to 'teach', but never knew how to persue it. I guess with my circumstances, one on one is how it's working out. :-/
I've thought of a book, "One simple person's spiritual adventures?" or something like that? :-)
I think I'd need a ghost writer, I get hung up to much on exactly how to say things and where to go next, at least when I try to write fiction, maybe something like this would be different?
I think the thing that gets me so energized and excited is how things I take for granted, that I've learned over the years, so few people have even heard of...know what I mean?
None the less, anything that helps me get energized is a wonderful thing!! :-)

I've also been working on my genealogy again. I'd started it a few years back, hit some real bad road blocks and kind of gave up. But now there's SO much on the web, it's easy almost ...I've already found the complete history of my grandmother/mother's side, all the way back to the 1600's.
We trace back to the Duke of Arquil in Scotland...guess we were into socks. (ok, bad joke) LOL

I'm also considering getting into doing some scrapbooking. I have several photo albumns that need re-doing, they are getting old and tattered and I don't want to get the pictures messed up. And they have all sorts of information on line on how to preserve scapbooks. And it looks fun!
A way to pass down little stories that go with the pictures and so forth. A way to have dates and ages and so forth for the generation down the line.

Anyway, right now, I need to get my shower and hair washed and tackle the store shed's contents....yikes..LOL
hugs to you all
Happy Holidays
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