White Raven (herbwench) wrote in wisewomansway,
White Raven

the Muse speaks..

Spent several hours in my studio today. As always I lit the special candle I keep on my work table. The candle holder is 3 women dancing in a circle with their arms held above them. When I light the candle inside I always invoke my Muses and thank them for the creativity in my life. 

I worked on painting fabric for a fiber arts course I am taking through the Thread Studio. I'm only on the first module (there are 5), but so far I've learned a lot and have found it very engaging.

Typically I paint on plain muslin, but today decided to paint on commercially printed fabrics. The results were truly wonderful! I took some white and off white fabrics with printed patterns on them (some subtle patterns, some more bold) and added washes of acrylic color over them. Any areas that were white became the color wash I was using. Any patterned areas became tinted with the color.  Each one came out so different from any of the others it is amazing.

I love it when my studio work (which tends to be 4-6 hours a day) is so productive and satisfying. The Muses spoke and I heard them well. I am grateful......

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