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Maybe this is why?

For the first time today I read a comment on my personality type (INTJ) that may explain why I have such difficulty in proceeding with the work I want to do here. It was in a blog (not lj) by someone called The Everlasting Phelps:

"The functional analysis of an INTJ shows that the dominant function is Introverted Intuition, and the secondary function is Extroverted Thinking. What does that mean? I know things. That is introverted intuition. My brain makes connections without me trying, and everything fits into the web of the world. The problem with that is that it is internal. Yeah, I know, but so what? It is all nebulous, and I am the only one who can understand it. Given the Ni alone, I'm never going to be able to really understand it myself in anything more than a mystical sense, much less explain it to someone else. I have to put it into words, and that is where the extroverted thinking comes in. It is thinking out loud, so to speak. When I do that, then the Ni and the Te work together, and that is where the "Mastermind" strength that Myers and Briggs and Kiersey saw come from. Each reinforces the other, and act as checks and balances. But to do that, I must commit it. I have to write it, say it, hell, pantomime it -- because it I never do any of those, and I just sit thinking, it rarely gets past the Ni. "
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I'm an INXJ leaning more towards T and can very much identify with that.
Isn't it frustrating? I walk around sometimes thinking, "People! Can't you just tell that if x happens, then y MUST be involved, somehow?"

And no, they can't, and I can't put it into words...

Frustrating? Yeah, you could say that. LoL I often have trouble explaining anything just a tad bit more complex or abstract in a way where others can actually follow and understand what I'm saying at all. Most people must literally think from A to B and B to C and C to D to finally arrive at E while I tend to skip these steps not just in output but in actual thought process. It is simply what comes natural. It can get SO annoying when they stare back at you with a blank expression and have to get it all spelled out. I also expect them to read between the lines - like I do, constantly.
Sound familiar at all? ;)
Ohhhhhh, yeah. Been there...