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The Wisewoman's Way

Steps Along the Path to Wisdom

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This is the contact community for the e-class Wiccan Wisdom 101, an advanced class for witches who have completed the equivalent of their First Degree initiation and are able to pass a brief quiz to confirm that.

WW101 is based equally on The 7 Keys to Wisdom and The 13 Goals of a Witch. It is a weekly, year-long course of readings, research, exercises, and testing. After successful completion, the student is awarded entry to The Wisewomen's Guild as a Level 1 Adept, or Owl. Upon mutual agreement of student and teacher, training may continue to Level 2 (Wisdom) and Level 3 (Wisewoman).

All instruction by The Wisewomen's Guild is free of charge; there are no required textbooks, reading materials are provided, but you may be asked to do internet or library research on specific topics.

Your teacher for WW101 is Wisewoman Spirit Bear.

Post with a request to join the community and we will arrange for you to take the entry quiz.

Bright Blessings,
Spirit Bear